A Most Important Need that Is Often Neglected…


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Today, I’d like to share with you a little something that I feel might be useful for many of you,  like it has been for me.

It has to do with the little thing that we often neglect on a daily basis…  SLEEP!

Yes, it might sound so insignificant. But, remember that it’s the only way our body gets rid of “waste”. When we sleep, our bodies repair damaged cells, as well as gets rid of toxic substances which reside in our system.

Researchers have also shown that after we sleep, we tend to retain information and perform better on memory tasks. Our bodies all require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones.

I am a culprit of sacrificing on sleep.

Often after a late night out, knowing the next day is an early day.

Often watching TV till wee hours of the morning.waking_during_the_night

Often staying on my mobile, browsing aimlessly through tons of Facebook and Instagram feeds.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t partake in these activities. After all, such news keeps us connected and real. Just remember, that they can also be the source of very harmful distress. To the point that, when it’s time to hit the sack, and leave the phone and the TV behind… We find that it’s not so easy to just fall asleep and get a good night of rest.

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Deep-Sleep-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Deep Sleep – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Deep Sleep – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Drifting-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Drifting – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Drifting – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Dreamy-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Dreamy – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Dreamy – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Sleep-Harmony-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Sleep Harmony – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Sleep Harmony – ALL NIGHT SLEEP
Night-Thunder-ALL-NIGHT-SLEEP-mp3-50 sample – Night Thunder – ALL NIGHT SLEEP – Night Thunder – ALL NIGHT SLEEP


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