For All You British Royalty Watchers: Part ‘2’…


Having a follow-up would be the only proper and right thing to do in the case of thismegan_and_prince_philip story. After all, everyone wants to get to how it all turns out…

It appears that most everyone on the planet and their dog tuned to watch the grand event of the year, and it did not fail to please. It was marvelously choreographed and everything was performed, in our view, without a flaw. It was truly a wonderful, world class event.

The setting for the wedding was St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. The ceremony was sweet and insouciant — well, as insouciant as an affair attended by Queen Elizabeth and George and Amal Clooney can be.

It seemed that Megan was given a fairly free had to not have things rigidly follow all of the royal traditions. Megan walked part-way down the aisle by herself and part of the way with Harry’s father, Prince Philip. Then, Harry complimented her at the altar.

The ceremony was treated with a beautiful rendition of  Stand By Me”, sang  by a gospel choir. After which the Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry of Chicago gave a stirring sermon in which he quoted Martin Luther King Jr., all of which helped the wedding feel more personal and touching than other royal weddings of the past.

meghan's_ringThe ceremony was beautiful and it was followed with a fairy-tale carriage ride through the picturesque town. The entire affair gave us many memorable moments, which we are certain will be relived again and again.

Our pick for the most memorable moment or certainly our favorite is as follows:

and running a close second:

We will leave you with links to what were selected as the top ten moments and finally a video of the entire wedding ceremony:

We, like many, look forward to what a difference this new couple will make in our world going forward. Happy trails to them


harry_megan_ Kiss


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