Real-World Skills for Success in Life


It’s truly fascinating to see how successful people overcome challenges. They don’t get scared at the face of challenges rather they embrace the barriers and overcome the obstacles. We found that there are seven things in particular that can stop one from overcoming challenges and those are the very seven things that successful people learn to overcome.

To find out how people acquire and develop such behavior that leads to success, we decided to take a hard look at what we will call “skills for the real world”.

The first obstacle that successful people overcome is age. Age is just a number… Successful people don’t let their bodies be their guide. Rather, they are guided by their hearts and passion. I remember once in my graduate school one of the professor’s was telling us how difficult it is for young people to do independent consulting work and while he was going on and on, I was thinking about how I was actually helping one of my consulting clients at that time. So, practically speaking, age is just a number.  It doesn’t matter what your age is, if your heart is young and you’re passionate then nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Therefore, one need not  worry too much about age. If you’re young or you’re a bit old for something, don’t think twice at least try and then decide.

The second stumbling block that successful people never stumble over is other people’s opinion. Whatever other people say at any particular moment. One thing is certain, you’re never as good or as bad as they think you are. So, whenever there are opinions flooding in from different sides successful people don’t let that take away the good work that they have done. They don’t let themselves feel bad about something that they did and they are very glad about and they are very confident about. If you derive yourself worth from comparisons by other people, then you’re bound to feel depressed and lack confidence because you can surely expect a lot of criticism for all the good things that you do and all the success that you achieved. Some people around you may not like you climbing up the ladder. You need to make sure  that your self esteem was derived not only from external feedback but also from your own assessment of your hard work and your own self a self conscious decision about who you are and what kind of a work you’ve done. If you’re confident in your head you don’t have to worry about the criticism poking in from other sides

A third deterrent that may stand in the path to the achievement of your desired goals, is the impact  toxic people. Think about them if you will. Toxic people can really affect your thinking. One simple notion of successful people is that we’re the average of the five people with whom you spend most of your time.

Let’s talk about one of the world’s most successful companies, Microsoft, and  Its founders: Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They met each other in the prep school and now they, together, have founded one of the world’s  most brilliant companies. It is the same with successful people or positive people. They help you grow and reach your full potential. Toxic people, on the other hand, pull you down. It be criticism or it may be the victim syndrome or if they constantly blame you for something. There can be many different scenarios of just pure craziness in which you waste your time and energy with them. if you feel that you are wasting too much time and you’re not feeling successful.  One suggestion would be to look around… Look at the people around you. Do you think any of them are toxic for you? If they are, you know exactly what to do. You must depart from them and you must create some distance. You will only reach your peak when you find the right people and eliminate the toxic people in your life.

Fear is a major impediment to one’s success. Yes it can really hinder you from being successful. Fear is not something that you should worry about. Danger, however, is something that should actually be worried about, because danger is real it’s the adrenaline rush you experience when you almost step in front of a bus, but, fear it’s just a lingering emotion (often a neurosis) that almost paralyzes your thought process. In this case you have a choice. You can overcome fear and no one knows this better than successful people because they are very good at flipping fear on its head. They love that euphoric feeling that they get when they overcome fear. I’ve often heard people ask this question: what are you scared of the most? Is it going to kill you? Well, I think death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you The worst thing that can happen to you is if you let yourself die on the inside while you’re still alive… So, please try and do what you want to do and don’t be afraid of it.

Negativity is an interference to your success. Negative people are also toxic to your life you should not let them in. Successful people always make their time count after all everyone has 24 hours in a day and if you’ll face a negative situation rather than complaining about it and thinking about how it should have been, what could have happened, how you could have avoided the situation. The better thing would be to face the problem, tackle it and move on.

Just imagine if you were sitting next to a person who is complaining and smoking… Would you continue to sit there and inhale the second-hand smoke? Do you think it’s good for you? The same applies for negative people you don’t want to inhale all the negativity and hinder your positive outlook? The best thing would be to set limits; have a distance from them. and… If you want to continue your conversation you could ask them: how do you plan to solve the problem that you’re complaining about? Most probably they’ll shut up and if not; will they’ll direct the conversation to a positive direction?

You the fixed-pitch – you’re rich for years thinking about the past or the future. Just like fear, the past and the future are just the creation of your mind. They’re not a reality and when you waste your time thinking about the past you must know that no amount of guilt can actually change your past. So, make peace with it and forget about it. Also remember that no amount of worry can actually change your future and this is something that successful people know very well. They choose to live in the present. You cannot be your best if you do not live in the present moment. If you waste too much time thinking about the past or planning for the future you’re wasting and draining your energy. Make sure you accept your past make peace with it and stop worrying about the uncertainties of the future. The only reason We need look at the past is to see how far we’ve come. As Mark Twain once said: “worry is the debt that you pay which you do not owe.” So, don’t worry and relax. The way to overcome challenges is by not fretting about the state of the world. If you keep your eyes on the news for any length of time I’m sure all you’ll come across are: environmental disasters, endless cycles of wars, violence, people dying, countries disrupting, and economies disrupting. If you focus your attention too much on that all that you’re doing is you’re collecting all the negativity from the world around you. This is not what successful people do. They focus their attention on two things:

  1. things that are entirely under their control and things that are their attention and their efforts if you focus your attention on the good things in the world and the things that you’re grateful for you’ll feel much more optimistic about the world around you and
  2. you must focus your attention on improving your life every single day and improving the world around you every single day after all these small steps are what makes the world a much better place

So, make sure you don’t build up on the state of the world.  Instead, build up on the state of your life and improve everyday into a better person. Success is determined by your mindset. Through discipline, focus, correct attention and a lot of effort (including the tips  shared with you in this article)  you can ensure that you overcome these seven obstacles much like other successful people overcome them them. Then, please come back for more learning opportunities at the place to learn skills for the real world.

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